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mighty boards - stronger than poster board

OVERVIEW: Made from an innovative lightweight plastic, Mighty Boards are flexible like paper, waterproof and virtually indestructible … a stronger alternative to poster board. Each board is a generous 18 X 24 inches. Mighty Boards are a superior alternative to foam core or poster board. Their special matte/matte finish grips to nearly all coatings products including latex paint, oil paint, various faux finishing products, pencils, pens and nearly all artist mediums. Call 617-254-8898 for more information.



WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A MIGHTY BOARD ?: Mighty Boards are a unique product that can be used for all your art and crafts project or a simple way to test paint colors. Listed below are a few creative ideas to get you started.

LARGE PAINT SAMPLES: Not sure what color to paint your room? Try painting the paint color on a Mighty Board to avoid destroying your walls. Homeowners and interior designers prefer Mighty Boards over all other sample board products for testing paint colors. Their large size and bright-white surface provide an excellent sample surface for accurately testing paint colors.

ART PROJECTS: Mighty boards are perfect for creating all your faux finish samples. It’s tough construction provides a lightweight alternative to heavier sample boards. No priming necessary. Just apply your plaster, paint, or glaze directly onto the Mighty board. Each board is a generous 18 x 24 inches, giving you an accurate representation of the final paint color. You can even move the sample around the room, testing your color under various lights.

CRAFT PROJECTS: Use Mighty Boards when assembling your next scrapbook. Its plastic and waterproof surface will protect your memories forever. Draw right onto the Mighty Board with colored pencils, markers, pens, and pastels. Its thin yet durable material can also be cut into custom shapes or fashioned into stencil designs using a utility knife or scissors.

PRESENTATIONS: Use Mighty Boards for your next business presentation. Its smooth, matte surface accepts most brands of glue, tape, and adhesive.

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