This versatile water based, acrylic wax can be burnished with a spatula, creating a beautiful, Venetiano look. Use in its virgin form or tint with acrylics or universal colorants. Can also be used over our crackle and plaster products. Washable!

Clear Flat Wax: Quart

SKU: 2501
  • Description: Clear Flat Wax is a 100% acrylic, eco-friendly simulated wax that can be applied over any water based Venetian plaster. It richens the color with a beautiful mat sheen while providing a protective coat to the surface. Once the wax is applied over our plasters you can then burnish it with a spatula to create a lustrous glossy sheen that feels like marble.

    APPLICATION: Using a spatula, thinly apply one coat of Clear Flat Wax in a crosshatch pattern. Hold spatula on a low angle as you apply a thin layer overlapping each stroke. Avoid thick application because it will result in hazing. One coat is sufficient for protection. Allow 8 hours to dry before burnishi