Looking for a "dead flat" varnish that goes on even and does not leave excessive haze? Our Dead-Flat Varnish is water based and washable. Specially formulated to work over glaze, plasters, paint and many other interior surfaces.

Dead-Flat Varnish: Gallon

SKU: 2402
  • Faux Like A Pro's Dead-Flat Varnish is a water based, eco-friendly varnish that produces a beautiful flat sheen with no excessive haze. It's incredible durable and provides protection to any surface including walls, furniture, and ceilings. This Dead-Flat Varnish is 50% acrylic and 50% water base urethane and is an ideal sealer for cabinets, faux finishes and fine woods.


    APPLICATION: Stir Dead-Flat Varnish well before using. It can be applied with a roller, brush, sponge, or sprayer. For a smooth finish, roll the varnish evenly with our special velour roller. When applying over dark colors, apply one coat of Satin Varnish and let dry 24 hours before applyin