Exclusively from Faux Like a Pro, Fizzy Pigments are the only dust-free pigment available in tablet form. Fizzy Pigments are perfect for creating Frescos, leather, sand stone, tile, and stencil patterns. With a simple wash of color, you can create a natural texture with incredible depth. For ideal performance, wash over Faux Like a Pro plasters, stencils, and crackle products. This product can also be applied over any mineral surfaces such as brick, concrete, and stone. When using indoors or outdoors, make sure to seal Fizzy Pigments with a suitable sealer. Choose from five beautiful colors: Burnt Clay, Charcoal, Tobacco, Adobe Orange, and Desert Rose. Combine tablets to create your own custom shades. 

Fizzy Pigments, 10 Tablets: Tobacco

SKU: 2704