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Looking to add pizzazz or shimmer to your Venetian plaster? These metallic waxes can be applied with trowel, spatula or sponge. Apply through a stencil for added beauty.

Galaxy Wax: Select your color(s)

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  • Exclusively from Faux Like A Pro, Galaxy Wax is a 100% acrylic, eco-friendly wax infused with pure mica concentrate. Galaxy Wax can be applied over all Faux Like A Pro products, most Venetian Plasters, stencils, and latex paint. With a simple top coat of metallic, you can create a translucent, reflective finish with incredible depth. Choose from our eight luxurious colors: Sterling Silver, Aluminum, Antique Gold, 24-Karat Gold, Pure Copper, Luminescent Pearl, Iridescent Ruby and Iridescent Blue. Visit our gallery to view samples or purchase Galaxy Wax at our online store.

    APPLICATION: Using a spatula, thinly apply one coat of Galaxy Wax in a crosshatch pattern. Hold spatula on a low angle as you apply a thin layer overlapping each stroke. Avoid thick application because it will result in hazing. One coat is sufficient for protection. Allow 8 hours to dry before burnishing. To create a beautiful glossy sheen, simply burnish by rubbing your spatula knife at a shallow angle. When applying Galaxy Wax over an uneven surface, crackle, or stencil, use a damp cellulose sponge rubbing in a circular motion. Watch our how-to videos for further instructions.

    TINTING: Galaxy Wax comes pre-tinted infused with pure mica concentrate. It's full body consistency has a very strong metallic finish. You can create a more subtle metallic look by adding Galaxy Wax into our Clear Flat Wax. Prepare your wax mixture using a 4:1 ratio (4 parts Clear Flat Wax to 1 part Galaxy Wax). Looking for a metallic Glaze, try adding our Galaxy wax into our Glaze using a 2:1 ratio (2 parts Glaze to 1 part Galaxy Wax).

    COVERAGE: Each 16oz. container of wax covers approximately 100-150 square feet when applied in thin layers with spatula or trowel.


    VOC's: 70 grams / liter.

    KEY FEATURES: Contains no paraffin - Pure mica concentrate - Environmentally Friendly - Low VOC - Low Odor - Washable - Can be painted over - Easy to apply, full-bodied consistency - Extremely compatible with our other products - Formulated to prevent freezing in cold climates - Long shelf life.

  • Will I be able to track my order? Yes. Your order will be packed and shipped 24-48 hours after we receive it. After it is shipped you will be e-mailed a link that allows you to track shipping.

    UPS Overnight and 2nd Day: Guaranteed on-time delivery to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Orders must be placed before 12pm. EST to guarantee this service.  Please note that these services DO NOT include the day the package ships and weekends.

    What is your return policy?  We are a small-batch company specializing in providing you with superior quality custom paint products.  Our products can only be returned for credit IF they are deemed defective by one of our Q/A specialists.

    Questions? Call 1-617-254-8898

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