OVERVIEW: Made from an innovative lightweight plastic, Mighty Boards are flexible like paper, waterproof and virtually indestructible … a stronger alternative to poster board. Each board is a generous 18 X 24 inches. 

Their special matte/matte finish grips to nearly all coatings products including latex paint, oil paint, various faux finishing products, pencil, pens, oil bars and more.


ART SUPPLY: Express yourself on a Mighty Board.  Artis's love Mighty Boards for their versatile surface which accepts almost any medium including pens, pencils, oils, acrylics, gesso and more.


LARGE PAINT SAMPLES: Not sure what color to paint your room? Try painting the paint color on a Mighty Board to avoid destroying your walls. Homeowners and interior designers prefer Mighty Boards over all other sample board products for testing paint colors. Their large size and bright-white surface provide an excellent sample surface for accurately testing paint colors.

Mighty Boards: 6-pack - Picking a paint color? Don't go small, go Mighty!

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