Pure hog hair pencils give this brush a more responsive touch for finer lines. Used to create intricate underveining effects when marbleizing and graining. A rare brush to add to your collection.

Pipe Overgrainer Brush - 7 Heads - 2"

SKU: 1151
  • OVERVIEW: At Faux Like a Pro we offer a full line of quality brushes that are hand-made and designed to last. Each brush is meticulously constructed using the finest materials available. Our natural bristle will not disintegrate like other synthetic brushes. Brush handles are constructed from the finest maple wood and fit comfortably in your hand. All brush parts are made from high quality, non-corrosive metals such as copper, brass and stainless steel. 


    SELECTION: We offer a full selection of faux finish and furniture finishing brushes and tools. Our collection includes badger brushes, stippling brushes, graining tools, rollers, floggers and more.


    CARE: With proper care, Faux Like a Pro brushes will last for many years. Gently wash bristles after each use with warm water and a little liquid soap. Shake out excess water and lay flat to dry. We recommend conditioning your brushes twice a year with Brush Flush, a non-toxic brush cleaner.